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NWAPRS serves: Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories,

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana

Welcome to the Northwest Automatic Packet Reporting System

 (NWAPRS) web pages! 

The NWAPRS supports APRS events, activities and amateur radio enthusiasts primarily in British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories,  Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. In reality we offer support to all who need it with these web pages and the NWAPRS mailing list. 

Enjoy your visit, and come back often! 

Tune APRS across North America on 144.39s 12kbd. Mobile path is WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1, fixed-station path WIDE2-2.
Puget Sound alternate APRS on 144.35s and 440.800s at 96kbd, use same path as above.

NWAPRS Site Table of Contents 

NWAPRS STATION SETTINGS: Home Station | Portable/Mobile Tracker  | WIDEn-N Digipeater** | WIDEn-N/WX Digi | Fill-In Digi

NWAPRS supports the national APRS settings. Check the links above for details. 
    NWAPRS default path is WIDE2-2 for fixed stations, WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 or WIDE2-2 for mobiles, or no path if it flies 
NOTE: WB4APR has updated KPC-3 digipeater settings. Check here for the changes (JUL 09)

Inland Empire Near Space Enthusiasts High Altitude Balloon Projects and coming soon http://www.nearspace.us

NWAPRS Events | External Links | FAQs | NWAPRS Mailing List | WA Hog List
NWAPRS Wiki Pages  | NWAPRS Java | NWAPRS Webmaster | Northwest Hamfest Schedule
Find K7GPS-9 on K6IB APRS Tracker
| Find a station on Finland site | Find K7GPS-8 on FINDU | APRS World | Find K7GPS on FindU
Callsign lookup via APRS: Send APRS msg to DOQRZ, put callsign in text field and send.

Copyright @1996-2010 David Dobbins, K7GPS.  APRS is a registered trademark of Bob Bruninga, WB4APR.

Homeland Security READY AMERICA program recommends maintaining an emergency supply kit with at least 3 days of supplies. Get details here and BE PREPARED!


You can help locate abducted children. Visit the AMBER Alert web page for details.







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